Admission Requirements — Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction with Bilingual/ESL Education

The Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction (M.A.C.I.) with Bilingual/ESL Education will provide students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to meet the academic and linguistic needs of English Language Learners (ELL).  The program combines classroom study with on-the-job assignments that enable students to test theory against practical reality. This program is delivered in an 8-week format and during the summer.

In addition to the general University "Graduate Admission Requirements and Procedures," the following are required for entrance into the M.A.C.I. program:

  1. Current teaching certificate.
  2. Two years of teaching experience prior to completion of graduate studies.
  3. Letters of recommendation*, including one from the student's immediate supervisor for the M.A.C.I. with Bilingual/ESL Education program.

    * 1 letter cohort student and 3 letters on campus student.

Attendance Policy: All Graduate Education Programs

Attendance is mandatory at all class sessions. If a student is to be absent for any reason he/she must discuss the expected absence with the course instructor before it occurs.

Academic Standards and Evaluation in Graduate Education Programs

Upon completion of each course, letter grades are assigned to each student. At the graduate level, a "C" grade indicates less-than-complete mastery of the content and methods of the course. Only two grades of "C" are accepted at the graduate level in the M.A.C.I. program, and they must be balanced by two course grades of "A." If a "C" is received within the first three courses, the student may be removed from the program by action of the program faculty.