Course Descriptions — Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction

EDU6020 Assessment in the Schools (3 semester hours)
This course is designed to develop skills in selecting, developing and interpreting assessment methods that will provide reliable, valid and fair measurement of valued educational achievement targets.
No prerequisites.

EDU6030 The Individual, Cognition and Learning (3 semester hours)
The focus of this course is the development of an understanding of the individual as learner and teacher and the implications for classroom instruction and student success.
No prerequisites.

EDU6040 The Learning Environment (3 semester hours)
The focus of this course is the development of an understanding of the learner's whole environment as it affects the learning process.
No prerequisites.

EDU6050 Technology in the School of the Future (3 semester hours)
This course studies the impact of technology on curriculum design, classroom practice and the learning patterns of candidates with emphasis on the integration of multi-media, telecommunications, authoring systems and interactive resources throughout the instructional program.
No prerequisites.

EDU6060 Scholarship Applied to Teaching (3 semester hours)
Review of the development of emerging best practice in American education. Emphasis will be given to presentation and implementation of strategies resulting from educational research.
Prerequisite: EDU6070

EDU6070 Introduction to Action Research (3 semester hours)
The course is designed to launch individual and/or group investigation of school-related issues facing America's schools. Candidates will create a proposal of an investigated project for their research with applications to the school and complete an extensive literature review.

EDU6090 Contemporary Issues in Curriculum & Instruction (3 semester hours)
The course is designed to initiate a professional conversation among candidates about the major issues facing America's schools. Debates over appropriate purposes, means and priorities have raged since our public educational system was first organized. It will examine current theoretical, fundamental and current specific educational issues and potential topics for further investigation. The course aims to initiate the MACI program by exploring the breadth of controversy that envelops the educational community.
No prerequisites.

EDU6200 Curriculum for Diversity (3 semester hours)
This course explores diversity and will examine the social issues of discrimination, equity, racism, sexism, classes, homophobia, urban education, language, and ethnic and socioeconomic pluralism as these issues influence, and become influenced by, American schools and classrooms.
No prerequisites.

EDU6600 School Administration (3 semester hours)
This course provides students with an orientation to the administration of public elementary and secondary educational institutions. The impact of local school districts, governmental agencies and interest groups on each other with respect to policy formulation, decision-making and program implementation will be explored.
No prerequisites.

EDU6630 Curriculum Development and Evaluation (3 semester hours)
This course will introduce the principles of curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on curriculum development and design, implementation and delivery, and organization and evaluation.
No prerequisites.

Three (3) electives to be chosen as a cohort