Admission Requirements — Doctor of Social Work

Applicants to the DSW program must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have an MSW degree from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE);
  2. Submit proof of licensed clinical social worker credential. Applicants who do not hold a clinical license will have their clinical experience evaluated by the DSW Admission Committee. If you are licensed as a clinical social worker, please include your license number on the application;
  3. Have an overall MSW G.P.A. of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale;
  4. Have at least three years, pre-, concurrent-, or post-MSW social work experience;
  5. Submit two letters of recommendation;*
  6. Submit a writing sample in the area of Clinical Social Work Theory and Practice;**
  7. Participate in a personal interview with the DSW Admission Committee.

Students must complete the DSW program within five years. In certain circumstances, students may petition for a one-year extension.

Application Considerations

Potential applicants should note that a criminal background may render them ineligible for a practicum, which is a requirement to complete the DSW program. George Williams College and the School of Social Work reserve the right to deny admission to the DSW program based on application materials, previous academic record and records of past conduct, including but not limited to, the results of a criminal background check or registration of a sex offense.

DSW Admission Review Process

Once all application materials have been received, they are reviewed by the DSW Admission Committee. The School of Social Work strives to admit a diverse group of students who have had relevant and significant work and life experiences and who can relate to diverse and vulnerable populations. The DSW Admission Committee will evaluate transcripts, references, the writing sample, and conduct a personal interview with those candidates who are considered to be likely students in the DSW program.

* Two Letters of Recommendation

Applicants must include three letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to their professional and/or academic success and potential in the DSW program.  Recommendations should come from former professors, professional supervisors, and other professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience with the applicant's work.

** Writing Sample

Applicants must submit a writing sample of no more than 10 pages demonstrating an understanding of clinical social work practice. This sample is not a research paper and does not have to be written in APA format or include references or a bibliography. The writing sample should be focused on understanding and experience in clinical social work practice. For example, write about a case you have had and how theory informed your work with the client(s). The writing sample will be evaluated for both writing ability, and knowledge of clinical social work theory and practice.

Open House and Visit Days