Doctor of Social Work

The Doctor of Social Work (DSW) program at George Williams College is one of only a handful of clinical doctoral programs in the country. GWC offers an innovative hybrid program for clinical social workers who desire to advance in their clinical careers as well as those who want to teach in higher education.

The hybrid DSW program is delivered using an executive-style, Saturday format. Courses are blended and combine on-campus face-to-face seminar style sessions with online coursework. The online portions of classes provide students with clinical theory and knowledge, while the on-campus seminar style sessions are essential to the process of integrating this knowledge with clinical skills and practicum experiences in a cohesive peer cohort.

The DSW program is designed to educate and train doctoral students who can practice at an advanced clinical level, as well as teach advanced clinical theory and practice content in any type of undergraduate or graduate program. In social work, there is a high demand for qualified faculty who can teach clinical theory and practice, thus the DSW program meets a very real and pressing need in higher education.

A distinctive element of the DSW hybrid program at GWC is the one-week summer residency educational experiences led by a well-known, accomplished expert in the field of advanced clinical practice. Each summer a different expert will lead in-depth seminar experiences related to their area of practice. During one of the summer sessions students participate in an intensive writing seminar and make significant progress toward their dissertation.

Throughout the DSW program students will develop and foster meaningful relationships with their peers and faculty. Students develop lifelong relationships with colleagues, mentors, and experts in the field. Please explore our website and request additional information to learn more about our innovate DSW hybrid program.

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