Program Description — Doctor of Social Work

Program Options

George Williams College offers a hybrid DSW program in an executive-style Saturday format. Courses combine on-campus face-to-face sessions with online coursework. The program requires 64 semester hours, and can be completed in four years.

Clinical Practicum/Internship

In the fall semester of the first year, the doctoral student will consult with the Chair of the DSW program to secure a clinical practicum/internship. The practicum will begin in the spring semester of the first year in the doctoral program and run for four consecutive semesters. In addition to a four-course clinical seminar sequence, the doctoral student is required to concurrently spend eight hours a week in a practicum, including one hour of weekly supervision. With the approval of the Chair of the DSW program, the doctoral student may use a current place of employment for the internship.

Clinical Oral Examination

At the end of the four-course clinical seminar sequence, the doctoral student will construct a comprehensive paper describing the client being presented in a clinical oral examination. This paper will be distributed to the clinical oral committee consisting of the doctoral student's clinical practicum supervisor, the professor from the fourth clinical seminar, and a social work faculty member chosen by the student and approved by the Chair. The doctoral student will present a clinical case to the committee, demonstrating mastery of a particular clinical theory and its application in clinical practice. The committee will cast a vote of pass or fail at the completion of the clinical oral examination and discussion. The doctoral student will need at least two out of three favorable votes to pass the clincal oral examination.

Comprehensive Examination

Once the first two years of required clinical and policy courses have been completed, doctoral students must pass a written comprehensive examination on that material. Once a student has passed the examination, he or she is accepted into doctoral candidacy and may begin his or her research course sequence and progress toward his or her dissertation.