Course Descriptions — Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

EDU6010 Contemporary Issues in Education (3 semester hours)
This course is designed to initiate a professional conversation among individual students, school teams and cohorts about the major issues facing America's schools. The questions that emerge will become the focus for subsequent independent inquiry in master's program classes.
No prerequisites.

EDU6020 Assessment in the Schools (3 semester hours)
This course is designed to develop skills in selecting, developing and interpreting assessment methods that will provide reliable, valid and fair measurement of valued educational achievement targets.
No prerequisites.

EDU6050 Technology in the School of the Future (3 semester hours)
This course studies the impact of technology on curriculum design, classroom practice and the learning patterns of candidates with emphasis on the integration of multimedia, telecommunications, authoring systems and interactive resources throughout the instructional program.
No prerequisites.

EDU6080 Introduction to Practicum (3 semester hours)
The purpose of this course is to launch individual and/or group investigations of school-related issues and propose an action research project with applications to the candidates' schools. Action research is a disciplined process of inquiry conducted by and for those taking action. The primary reason for engaging in action research is to assist the administrator in improving and/or refining his or her actions.
No prerequisites.

EDU6600 School Administration (3 semester hours)
This course provides students with an orientation to the administration of public elementary and secondary educational institutions. The impact of local school districts, governmental agencies and interest groups on each other with respect to policy formulation, decision-making and program implementation will be explored.
No prerequisites.

EDU6610 Educational Leadership (3 semester hours)
This course describes the role of the educational leader in the school as one who creates a vision of an educationally better culture in the school and then plans and organizes times and resources to communicate this vision to teachers, students and parents.
No prerequisites.

EDU6620 School Supervision (3 semester hours)
This course provides students with an introduction to the supervision of instruction. Supervisory strategies are elaborated with special attention to the improvement and enrichment of instruction through faculty development approaches.
No prerequisites.

EDU6630 Curriculum Development and Evaluation (3 semester hours)
This course will introduce the principles of curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on curriculum development and design, implementation and delivery, and organization and evaluation.
No prerequisites.

EDU6640 School and Community Relations (3 semester hours)
This course provides an overview of the importance of community involvement in developing effective schools. Ways in which parents and community members can be involved in the schools will be explored. Techniques will be developed for fostering better parent-teacher communication and fostering better public relations with the community.
No prerequisites.

EDU6650 School Law (3 semester hours)
This course provides the school administrator with an in-depth examination of the legal basis of public education in the United States. Special reference is made to current legal issues and major court decisions. First Amendment rights, due process, privacy, discrimination, desegregation, special education, multicultural difference and related matters are examined in terms of their impact on the school administrator.
No prerequisites.

EDU6660 School Finance (3 semester hours)
This course studies the history of school finance with emphasis on the significant role of local property taxes in school funding. The role of state and federal funding is examined, along with issues of equity, adequacy and appropriateness. Emphasis is given to budget construction, fiscal planning and management of capital outlay programs.
No prerequisites.

EDU6670 Practicum in Educational Leadership (3 semester hours)
This course will involve candidates of Educational Leadership in practical administrative and supervisory projects to be carried out in a field placement, under the supervision of the program instructor. Field placements will ensure that candidates have experiences with diverse populations of students.
No prerequisites