NathanMy  journey to George Williams College has come full circle. I first visited campus with my junior high school, but when it came time to decide on a college, I chose to attend a large public university and, later, a community college. Not finding my passion, I then moved to Oregon, where I discovered my calling— parks and recreation. That’s when I returned to GWC.

I learned to appreciate the outdoors while living out west, and decided that going to college for parks and recreation would lead to the right career for me. When I thought about GWC, the college sold itself. I loved the idea of living by the water, learning in small classes and being part of a focused community.

Today, I’m applying the skills that I’ve learned in courses to the on-campus student organization Responsible Solutions. I’ve planted trees on campus, volunteered at Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy and worked in the sensory garden at SMILES, a therapeutic horse-riding center. I also helped start work on the College Garden, an area that will include a vegetable garden, an apple orchard, a sensory garden, and native and butterfly host plants.

My experiences at GWC and in the surrounding community have inspired my future, and have helped me embrace the college’s values of service and continual learning. I’m hoping after I graduate that I will work with multicultural groups of people. I feel strongly that all people should have opportunities to recreate, regardless of their physical or developmental stages. As I’ve learned at GWC, we should always be seeking knowledge, growing and experiencing challenges.