Four Year Plan

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (emphasis in conservation)

Official course selections should be made with the guidance of an academic advisor and will depend on an individual student's situation.
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Fall Spring
ENG1000: Introduction into Academic Writing 4 GEN1500: Intro to Research and Information Literacy 4
GEN1200: Mathematical Reasoning for Science & Mgt 4 IDS1610: Being Human 4
GWC1000: GWC College Experience 4 IDS2030: Science and Society 4
Elective 4 CRJ1010: Introduction to Criminal Justice System 4
Total Semester Hours 16 Total Semester Hours 16
GEN1400: Media Studies, Technology, GWC 4 BIO2200: Humans and the Environment 4
IDS2020: Trajectories of Human History 4 GEN2300: Arts, Literacy, and Inquiry 4
REC1760: Leisure and Society 4 SUS2100: Environmental Ethics


CRJ2400: Principles of Emergency Management 4 CRJ2420: Criminal Law 4
Total Semester Hours 16 Total Semester Hours 16
IDS3040: Global Justice 4 REC2500: Diverse Pop. in Outdoor Rec. Ldshp. and Mgt. 4
SUS3200: Ecology and Conservation 4 REC3400: Outdoor Recreation and Education 4
CRJ2500: Policing America 4 CRJXXXX: Environmental Law 4

CRJ3300: Criminal Investigation


CRJXXXX: Restoration Ecology 4

Junior/Senior Summer

CRJ4940: Criminal Justice Internship

Total Semester Hours 16 Total Semester Hours 16
SUS4210: Terrestrial Ecosystems 4 CRJXXXX: Fire Prevention and Management 4
SUS4200: Water Resources & the Environment 4 CRJ4200: Administration of Criminal Justice Agencies 4
CRJ3400: Criminal Evidence and Procedure 4 CRJXXXX: Wildlife Ecology 4
Total Semester Hours 12 Total Semester Hours 12
Total Credits


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