Major Requirements - Criminal Justice

Total number of hours for the major: 80 semester hours

Major Courses: 48 semester hours

CRJ1010   Introduction to Criminal Justice System (4)
CRJ2400 Principles of Emergency Management (4)
CRJ2420 Criminal Law (4)
CRJ2500 Policing America (4)
CRJ3300 Criminal Investigation (4)
CRJ3400 Criminal Evidence and Procedure (4)
CRJXXXX Fire Prevention and Management (4)
CRJXXXX Environmental Law (4)
CRJXXXX Restoration Ecology (4)
CRJ4200 Administration of Criminal Justice Agencies (4)
CRJXXXX Wildlife Ecology (4)
CRJ4940 Criminal Justice Internship (4)


Supportive Courses: 32 semester hours           

REC1760   Leisure and Society (4)
SUS2100 Environmental Ethics (4)
BIO2200 Humans and the Environment (4)
REC2500 Diverse Pop. in Outdoor Rec. Ldshp. and Mgt.
SUS3200 Ecology and Conservation (4)
REC3400 Outdoor Recreation and Education (4)
SUS4200 Water Resources & the Environment (4)
SUS4210 Terrestrial Ecosystems (4)

General education requirements

Criminal Justice students take a variety of general education courses in order to complete their degree requirements. A minimum of 120 semester hours must be earned to receive the BA degree.

Academic information on departmental Web sites reflects the university's most current curriculum. The print version of the catalog, which is also posted online, may differ from this information.

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