Faculty — Nursing

Nordan Delizo, MSN, BSN, RN – Assistant Professor

Jessica Donat, MSN, RN – Assistant Professor

April Folgert, PhD, FNP, RN – Assistant Professor Nursing, Chair of Nursing GWC

Kara Fenne, MSN, BSN – Assistant Professor

Julie Garcia, MSN, RN – Associate Professor

Janice Gries, DNP, RNC, IBCLC, APN – Assistant Professor, Interim Director of Graduate Programs

Mary Beth Hutches, DNP, RN – Assistant Professor, Chair of Pre-licensure BSN Program

Teresa Kisch, PhD, RN – Associate Professor

Maryanne Locklin, PhD, APRN – Associate Professor of Nursing (Emeritus)

Barbara J. Lockwood, PhD, RN, CNE – Associate Professor (Emeritus)

Janet LoVerde, MSN, RN – Associate Professor

Georgine Maisch, MSN, RN – Simulation Lab Coordinator and Assistant Professor

Suzanne Novak, MSN, RNC-OB – Associate Professor

Gina Panozzo, MSN, RN – Assistant Professor

Melissa Pertl, MSN, RN – Clinical Coordinator and Assistant Professor

Nancy Petges, PhD, BS, RNC – Associate Professor

Suzanne Repavich, MSN, RN, Assistant Professor

Brenda Shostrom, PhD, RN – Executive Director, School of Nursing and Allied Health

Deanna Sommers, PhDc, RN, PPCNP-BC – Associate Professor (Emeritus)

Deborah Speers, MS, RN – Assistant Professor

Charlene Thomas, PhD, RN – Associate Professor

Sandra Yeager, MSN, RN, MS, FNP – Chair of RN-BSN Program (South) and Assistant Professor

Open House and Visit Days
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