Learning Outcomes — Recreation Administration

As a result of completing the Bachelor's Degree Program in Recreation Administration at George Williams College, graduates will have:

  • Demonstrated a core understanding of the functional skills, leadership techniques and management styles as a generalist in recreation administration.
  • Developed basic programming skills in general recreation administration and have developed a specialization in one of the following areas: commercial recreation management, outdoor leadership, and program management.
  • Demonstrated clear competence in written and verbal communication and presentation.
  • Demonstrated basic understanding of the major environmental forces that affect recreation agencies, including: competitive, economic, social/cultural diversity, technological, governmental/regulatory and ecological conditions.
  • Demonstrated education and experience in the ethical dimensions of recreation program management.
  • Demonstrated appreciation of the liberal arts and sciences including the natural/physical sciences, the humanities and social/behavioral sciences.
  • Demonstrated professional and ethical behavior in recreation administration.