Major Requirements — Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management

Bachelor of Science
The outdoor recreation industry involves directing and managing the programs and business operating systems of recreation settings such as park districts, national parks, community recreation departments, private clubs, resorts, organized camps, outdoor centers and youth organizations. Outdoor recreation leadership and management grad­uates manage the $350 billion annual revenues generated by the leisure services industry, community agencies and youth recreation organizations. The recreation administration program is accredited by the National Recreation and Park Asso­ciation and the American Association of Leisure and Recreation.

The purpose of the outdoor recreation leadership and management program is to prepare students for entry-level leadership positions in recreation settings. The program enables students to develop core values of integrity, citizenship, excellence and lifelong learning and acquire foundational recreation administration knowledge and skills. Additionally, the development of critical thinking, written and oral com­munication skills are addressed throughout the curriculum.

Students in recreation administration are expected to pass the national certi­fication examination to become a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional (CPRP). Students are also advised throughout the undergraduate program that outdoor recreation leadership professionals must continually update their profes­sional knowledge and skills during and after degree completion.

Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management Core, Support Courses and Service Requirements
Outdoor recreation leadership and management majors take core professional and supportive courses and complete general education degree requirements. In addition, prior to the recreation administration internship, students must provide written documenta­tion of three different activity skill competencies. Students may fulfill the skill requirement by choosing three semester hours of recreation activity courses, skill workshops, or demonstrate skill competency with documentation of certification cards earned from external agencies such as the American Red Cross.

Required Core Program: 44 semester hours in courses; 4 semester hours internship

REC1750 Practicum in Outdoor Living Skills (4)
REC1760 Leisure and Society (4)
Recreational Leadership (4)
Working with Diverse Populations in Outdoor Recreation (4)
REC3XXX Outdoor Recreation Skills I (4)
REC3XXX Outdoor Recreation Skills II (4)
REC3330 Recreation Programming (4)
REC3390 Recreation Administration: Issues & Ethics (4)
REC3400 Outdoor Recreation and Education (4)
REC4400 Camp and Outdoor Center Administration (4)
REC4XXX Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management Internship (4)
REC4XXX Senior Seminar / Capstone in Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management (4)

Required Support Core: 12 semester hours

SUS3300 Environmental Statistics (4)
PSY3250 Lifespan Development (4)
BIO2200 Humans and the Environment (4)

Student Performance Review and Evaluation Process
Professional outdoor recreation leadership education requires high standards of aca­demic, personal and professional conduct to prepare students for a successful career in outdoor recreation leadership and management. The educational program at the under­graduate level requires the student to develop professional ethics, values, knowl­edge and skills.

The outdoor recreation leadership program faculty reserves the right to main­tain academic standards for admission and retention in the undergraduate pro­gram above and beyond compliance with the academic standards of the university. In addition, the outdoor recreation leadership faculty has determined that there are professional competencies and conduct not measurable by aca­demic achievement alone. Therefore, the faculty reserves the right to make decisions regarding admission and retention of students based on high standards of personal and professional conduct.

For successful outdoor recreation leadership career placement, students will com­plete professional pre-internship practica and internship professional field expe­riences. Therefore, students are expected to demonstrate high standards of ethics, values, knowledge, skills, and both personal and professional conduct throughout their academic program in class and during field placements. The outdoor recreation leadership and management program faculty utilizes the student performance review and eval­uation process to give students feedback on their professional development each term. The faculty will honor not only the rights of students, but also the rights of pre-internship- and internship-partnering agencies, clients and others to whom the student relates in a professional role.

Transfer Guides

REC4790 Parks and Recreation Internship (12)