Four Year Plan

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: 2014-2015 Academic Year

Official course selections should be made with the guidance of an academic advisor and will depend on an individual student's situation.

Specific information regarding majors, minors, course descriptions, policies and procedures can be found in the university catalog.

Fall Spring

ENG1000: Introduction into Academic Writing 4
GEN1500: Intro Research and Information Literacy
GEN1200: Mathematical Reasoning for Science & Mgt 4 IDS1610: Being Human 4
GWC1000: GWC College Experience 4 IDS2030: Science and Society 4
PSY1100: General Psychology 4 SEN1000: SE: A Powerful Way of Change 4
PSY2210: Careers in Psychology 1
Total Semester Hours 16 Total Semester Hours 17

GEN1400: Media Studies, Technology, GWC 4 GEN2300: Arts, Literature, and Inquiry 4
IDS2020: Trajectories of Human History 4 SEN2000: Changing Lives and the World 4
PSY Elective/Elective 4 PSY Elective/Elective 4
BIO 1060: Human Biology 4 Elective 4
Total Semester Hours 16 Total Semester Hours 16

*PSY Selected Course (Group A) 4 SEN3000: Implementation to Real World 4
PSY3380: Brain and Behavior 4 *PSY3450: Social and Applied Psychology (Group A) 4
IDS3040: Global Justice 4 PSY Elective/Elective 4

PSY3500: Research and Statistical Methods


PSY3520: Experimental Psychology 4
Total Semester Hours 16 Total Semester Hours 16

**PSY Selected Course (Group B) 4 SEN4000: Leading for the Future 4
PSY Elective / Elective 4 PSY4700: Contemporary Issues in Psychology 4
PSY Elective / Elective 4 PSY/SOC3430: Gender, Sexuality, and Society (PSY Elective) 4
Elective (optional) 4 Elective (optional) 4
Total Semester Hours 12 Total Semester Hours 12


* Students need to take two PSY courses from Group A

** Students need to take one PSY course from Group B

*** Students need to take 4-5 hrs of elective PSY courses; a PSY elective could include PSY 3940/4940: Internship from 1 to 4 semesters.

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