Major Requirements - Psychology

To earn an undergraduate degree in psychology, students will complete at least 120 semester hours total in general education and psychology courses.

The Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology includes:

  • 37 semester hours, including 33 semester hours of required courses and four semester hours from the selected courses below
  • Students have several options among the required courses to personalize the major

Required Courses

PSY1100 General Psychology (4)
PSY2210 Careers in Psychology (1)
PSY3380 Brain and Behavior (4)
PSY/SOC3500 Research and Statistical Methods (4)
PSY3520 Experimental Psychology (4)
PSY4700 Contemporary Issues in Psychology (4)

Two courses from Group A:

PSY2340 Personality (4)
Child and Adolescent Development (4)

Adult Development and Aging (4)
PSY/SOC3450 Social and Applied Psychology (4)
PSY3660 Abnormal Psychology (4)

One course from Group B:

PSY2300        Learning and Motivation (4)
PSY3400 Cognitive Psychology (4)
PSY4200 Sensation and Perception (4)

Selected Courses

PSY/SOC3430 Gender, Sexuality and Society (4)
PSY3460 Exceptional Individual (3)
PSY3470 Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3)
PSY3810, 4810 Selected Topics in Psychology (4)
PSY3940, 4940 Internship in Psychology (1-4)
PSY4520 Psychological Assessment (4)
PSY4550 Introduction to Clinical and Counseling Psychology (4)

Another four-hour course from Group A or B list, excluding PSY3250 Lifespan Development

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