Major Requirements - Writing and English

Bachelor of Arts, Writing and English

2012-2013 Four Year Plan

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing and English is a four-year program offered at the George Williams College campus. It is built on a strong liberal arts foundation that prepares students for careers that require writing expertise such as non-profit organizations, public relations, and publishing houses.

 The curriculum offers basic liberal arts and science education in the first two years with a professional program orientation during the third and fourth years. The educational components of the Writing and English degree program include the general liberal arts and sciences, supportive liberal-arts requirements and Writing and English curriculum foundation, which includes an internship or thesis.

Guided by the mission of GWC, students develop the ability to serve as articulate advocates for social awareness and change within the context of their time at the college and beyond. Additionally, their experience in the evaluation of literary art might act to expand this understanding of advocacy as it applies within artistic expression. The ability to critically evaluate rhetoric and to be conversely able to articulate rhetorical strategies in their own writing, will allow students to serve their greater community.

Required courses: 66 semester hours

COM 3140

Journalism: News Reporting and Writing

COM 3250

Digital Design for Print and Web

COM 3520

Global Communications

ENG 2260

Critical Approaches to Literature

ENG 3350

American Literature 

ENG 3420

British Literature

ENG 3500

Contemporary World Literature

WAE 2100

Introduction to Writing and English

WAE 3100

Poetry Workshop

WAE 3200

Digital Rhetoric and Society

WAE 3300

Prose Workshop

WAE 4100

Drama Literature and Production

WAE 4200

Advanced Creative Writing Workshop

WAE 4300

Magazine Production

WAE 4400

Professional Writing for the Articulate Advocate

WAE 4500

Internship or Directed Thesis

Supportive Liberal Arts Requirements
In addition to meeting the General Education requirements of the college, specific liberal-arts courses are also required to support the Writing and English required coursework. These include:

SOC 1100

Principles of Sociology (or suitable transfer course)

SUS 2400

Literature & the Environment (or suitable transfer course)

SUS 4100

Grantwriting & Fundraising (or suitable transfer course)

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