Students find career paths in the field

field fair

The George Williams College experience moves beyond the classroom. From our outdoor recreation leadership to sustainability and environmental management majors, students have opportunities to dive into their areas of study and learn through hands-on efforts. GWC psychology students are offered the chance to conduct original research and to pursue independent study or clinical and counseling internships.

Our undergraduate and graduate social work programs are no different. Through experiences outside the classroom, students are able to gain first-hand knowledge of areas of study within social work while completing their required field hours.

Last week, GWC hosted a field fair where numerous social service agencies met with students to discuss placement options available for next year. This fair not only provided opportunities for students to research different aspects of social work, but also allowed an incredible opportunity to network professionally.

Senior social work major Andrew Selander made such a connection at last year’s field fair, leading him to an internship with the Wisconsin chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. “If not for GWC providing me the opportunity to learn about so many different local agencies, I would have never had the opportunity to interview for my current internship,” Selander said. “After this experience, I now know that I want to use my degree for public policy.”

“What is so important about hosting a field fair such as this is it brings our students back to the grass roots of social work—working together for a cause,” said clinical faculty member Robert Campbell. “It’s essential in field study to network, share ideas about services and ultimately share learned knowledge with your colleagues.”

Renita Shores-Gaston, a graduate of the Master of Social Work program recalls her experience at the field fair and studying at GWC. “I loved the small class sizes and the faculty who understood that many of their students had busy schedules outside of school. I was juggling a full-time job and a family while bettering my career through this master's program. The professors cared about me as a student and guided me through the field experience, which led to my current role as a therapist.”

“Social work is an interconnected community and a field where we rely on each other,” explained field coordinator Kristi Austin. “What I love about GWC is the personal attention we give each student. Their work in the classroom is applied to their field experiences, which include on-site supervision, constant real-world practice and therefore, constant learning. We know our students— it’s a system of true support at GWC.”

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