Cost of Attendance — George Williams College


Tuition: 2013-14 Academic Year
Undergraduate Average Year Comprehensive Fee: $28,580
Full Time (12-17 Credit Hours)
$10,250 per semester
Part Time (1-11 Credit Hours)
$590 per credit hour
Over 17 Credit Hours
$490 per credit hour
May Term 2014
$490 per credit hour
Summer Term 2014
Social Work (MSW)
$563 per credit hour
Doctoral (EdD)
$595 per credit hour
Doctoral (DSW)
$720 per credit hour
Recreation Administration ***
$575 per credit hour
Education (non-cohort) ***
$435 per credit hour
19-Meals $1,990 per semester
14-Meals $1,855 per semester
9-Meals $1,060 per semester
7-Meals $930 per semester
Single (very limited availability) $3,100 per semester
Double $2,185 per semester
Triple $1,545 per semester

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General Fees
Course by Special Arrangement
$125 per credit hour
Spring & Summer Accident/Sickness Insurance* 
50% of tuition cost
Life & Vocational Credit
$360 per course
Technology Fee**
$60 per semester
Activity Fee**
$50 per semester


Graduate students and part-time undergraduate students may voluntarily enroll in the accident/sickness insurance plan by completing the online enrollment at prior to the end of the first week of the semester. Online enrollment need only be submitted once per academic year. Once an enrollment is submitted, it will remain in effect until the end of the academic year. If a student should decide he/she no longer need the insurance, he/she must submit an online waiver prior to the beginning of the next semester. After the end of the first week of the semester, no changes in insurance will be honored until the next semester.

**Technology and Activity fee is charged to all full-time undergraduate and all resident students.

*** Program no longer offered to new students.


  • Rates may differ for certain off-campus and cohort programs. Please consult the appropriate program director or consult information provided for that particular program.
  • Certain courses may incur lab fees, clinical fees, testing fees, or practicum fees. Please consult the course bulletin for individual course fee information.
  • Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice.
  • No Financial Aid is available for courses taken during May Term.