Student Accounts

Welcome to the Student Accounts Office at GWC, located in the Wiedensall Administration Building on campus. The GWC Student Accounts Office is open to students who would like to pay for their classes on campus through direct payment. Our goal is to provide outstanding service while maintaining a high level of integrity, honesty and professional ethics. To that end we will enforce the policies of Aurora University fairly and equitably to all students

The Student Accounts Office also acts as the primary clearing-house for student charges and credits (which appear on the students' Statement of Account) in addition to processing payments, credits, refunds and charges. This office monitors student accounts for accuracy and generates the monthly Statement of Accounts.

Additional services provided by the Student Accounts Office:

Check Cashing: Students may cash checks up to $25 per day. The cashing of third-party checks is strongly discouraged. Any checks that are returned from the financial institution for any reason including closed account or non-sufficient funds will be charged back to the student's account that received the funds. A $30 NSF fee will be applied to any check returned for non-payment for any reason. Students who have presented NSF checks will lose their check cashing privileges.

Student Refund Checks: Students who have a credit balance on their accounts and have filled out their Student Authorization Form to indicate that they would like this credit balance refunded will receive a refund check following the actual receipt of their loan funds by mail or electronic deposit. Refund checks are processed weekly and distributed every Friday at the Aurora Campus (unless Friday is an approved University closing). Students will be notified via AU student email when their refund check will be available. Please see the Refund of Overpayment section of this site for more information. 

Account Payment: All payments for accounts are processed through the Student Accounts Office. Graduate students in the College of Education cohort program should contact Nicole Schrader for information regarding their account billing and payment information at 630-844-5456 or email Aurora University will accept cash, checks, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), cashier's checks, and money orders as acceptable forms of payment. If a student has had prior returned checks, personal checks will no longer be accepted as a form of payment.

Perkins Loan Repayment: Students who participated in the Perkins Loan (NDSL) Program while a student at Aurora University will make their payments to University Accounting Service, LLC. Questions regarding your Perkins Loan should be directed to Lori Buss at 630-844-4206 or email